Our Mission

Constant Candle’s ‘Heat & Pour’ candle refills offer a sustainable and innovative solution for candle lovers, reducing glass waste and promoting eco-friendly living without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Our eco-friendly refills make every scented candle a refillable candle.

The negative environmental impacts of glass production come from it's contribution to climate change through energy use and the damage from mining for key ingredients. Added to this, glass candle holders are heat resistant so can't be melted and recycled which means all glass candle holders end up in landfill.

Constant Candle have removed the unnecessary glass from scented candles to change the way you buy scented candles forever. Better for the planet and better for you. 

Our Candle Mission:

  • Sustainable
  • Traceable to source
  • UK manufactured packaging
  • UK wax producer
  • Partnering with UK small businesses
  • No unnecessary glass production or landfill
  • No Toxins
  • No Plastic
  • No Waste
  • FSC certified recycled and recyclable packaging